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Formal dating has been a progression for decades in America, however current research on college campuses reveals that men and women are more regularly engaging in casual sex or what is well known as hooking up, rather than formally dating. According to Reid, Elliot, and Webber (2011), “the term “hookup” has diverse meanings and is used to indicate a variety of behaviors; however, most attention and research has focused on sexual hookup behavior, especially among heterosexual college students” (Bogle 2008; Bradshaw, Kahn, and Saville 2010; England, Shafer, and 2007; Hamilton and Armstrong 2009). These types of evasive sexual interactions do not imply an incoming commitment as the motivation for the hook up, it is strictly understood to be purely sexual satisfaction. It is proposed that dating is no longer the social norm on college campuses and that hooking up has become the sudden craze. Thus, this is because males and females on college campuses are lacking the social norms of formal dating and what once were expectations that…show more content…
I believe human behaviors are complex and the importance of our cultural expectations are indisputable. However, there are numerous times where in our life we preform outside our cultured norms and values, therefore in the case of my blog, we indulge in hookups. Dating is recognized as one of the cultured things we are expected to engage in and discover romantic potential in a set of behaviors. However, hooking up is completely outside of our cultural expectations and traditionally lessens our culture, but it allows males and females to indulge in sexual freedom and increase the importance of their personal sexual needs. Where in fact woman are constantly being neglected from, due to the fact that they must conform to their traditional cultural and gender roles more than

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