Personal Narrative: My Expectations Of Junior High

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Hi, I'm Hunter Perry I have three younger brothers and I like to build model airplanes. My expectations in junior high are pretty simple I want to have nice teachers and not have boring classes. I sometimes will here others swearing and that is the only thing I don’t like about this school. I will be writing about my junior high experience. My first week of junior high was very busy Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I and my scout troop went on a bike ride. On top of that I had school. I felt nervous because I didn't have very many friends in this school. My locker is on the east side of the building. My locker is gray and by the cheerleader display case. On sun devil day my mom dropped me of early and I had time to learn my locker combination. On the first day of school I sat in the wrong class for about thirty minutes suddenly realizing that I had math at that time. I went to the volley ball game and I saw the mascot and I thought that it had a big head. My first assembly I saw my first glimpse at Baker and she was…show more content…
The teacher I connected with most was Mrs. Fackrell because she is nice and I stay after school to help her turn computers. The teacher I connect with the least is Mrs. Baker because she always has a bad attitude when I see her. I think that Mrs. Baker would give the most homework because she is never in an amazing mood. I think Mrs. Fakrells class is the easiest class because I always get my school work done early. Mrs. Page reminds me most of my sixth grade teacher because she is a sort of strict but not to strict teacher to have. Ms. Roberts reminds me most of my kindergarten teacher because she always does cheesy stuff. One of my favorite classes is the study hall class with barber. In study hall you can go to the library or the math tutor. That is why I don’t have much homework. Art is another one of my favorite classes because I am good at

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