Essay On Being An Engineering Student

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Being an engineering student for almost 5 years now, I realized one thing: Be grateful with your status as a student! Or if you are no longer a student now, be grateful that you were a student in some point of your life. I don’t know why, but being student often associated with sleepless nights, endless struggling, and, I’m trying to exaggerate it, suffering. You start your day with listening to boring lecture, trying hard to understand what in the world the professor saying, then ending your day with the thought of having so many incomplete assignments. Even worse, when exam comes near, the part in your brain that triggers panic starts to act vigorously. STUDYING = STUDENT + DYING (or so they say) I couldn’t count the number of my friend…show more content…
But did you realize that he/she is the professional in the field you wanted to study so bad? And you complained about how difficult his/her lectures were, or about the number of assignments he/she gave, saying that it put too much pressure on you instead of seeking as much as knowledge you can from him/her. I am aware of the fact that sometimes the education system indeed put so much pressure on us students. But if you reflect deeper on yourself, is the education system the one to blame? Or is it just you being a pussy? If it’s just a few sleepless nights in a week, your body should be able to handle it. You are young. I mean, you have no problem with partying all night, drinking nonsense amount of alcohol that put strain to your liver. Why should staying up all night gaining knowledge for your own good (or better, mankind’s progress in civilization) be a problem? If you watched the movie 3 Idiots (2009), there is a scene where Rancho said this: “This is college, not a pressure cooker. Even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip. But you call such a lion “Well trained”, not “well educated” I can relate with this guy, but as time goes on, I have different point of view from him Be
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