'Into The Wild: Chris Mccandless'

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Into the Wild introduces us to Chris McCandless, also known as Alex Supertramp, an intelligent young man from a wealthy family, who hiked into the Alaskan wilderness to his ultimate demise. When the story of this young man was published in Outsider, the magazine for which the author of this book wrote, many other similar stories to that of McCandless’s arose. A young boy, Johnathan Croom, had a fascination with McCandless’s journey. In August of 2013, the boy was found deceased in the woods. He tried to accomplish living in isolation for a few months much like McCandless was hoping to achieve. Although, McCandless and Croom did not have the same motives for going “into the wild”, the two had similar experiences and ultimately suffered from the same fate.…show more content…
David, Croom’s father, said that as Croom’s infatuation with the movie grew, he became worried that his son would emulate the actions of McCandless. When Croom’s girlfriend broke up with him, he was pushed into going into the woods. The Douglas County Sheriff's investigated Croom’s death as a suicide. Many people that McCandless’s death was a suicide as well. Unlike the motive that Croom had for venturing off into the woods, McCandless’s motive had to do with family issues, not girl issues. McCandless’s father, Walt, had been married once before marrying Billie, McCandless’s mother. While Walt was married to Billie he was having an affair with Marica, his ex-wife. Marcia and Walt had a child together. Even though the affair was put to an end when Walt moved his family across the country, McCandless was infuriated. He felt very betrayed by his father. Prior to McCandless hiking into the Alaskan wilderness, McCandless sent out letters saying goodbye. McCandless
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