Chris Mccandless Transcendentalism

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The Transcendentalists can be understood b their actions of rebelling against society and to become something different – against the social norm. Like the Transcendentalists that Chris McCandless read about and look so highly at, he too wasn’t content with his life and wanted to know the meaning behind his existence. With the transcendentalist ideals in his head, Chris set off to find himself and rebel against human society. Chris McCandless wasn’t in the time frame of his life but of those he read about. In a time where there was still much to discover and land that had been untouched by man. But he wasn’t in the past he was in the present, living in a time where it wasn’t possible to discover new land and be completely away from society.…show more content…
He completed his life goal and went to his mecca, the Alaskan wild. Chris didn’t want to fit into the mold that his father and society made for him. That life didn’t appeal to Chris to live the same way that everyone else did, so he went off into the world to create his mold and to find his true meaning in life. To insure that Chris would gain the freedom he desired, he became Alex Supertramp the ultimate dreamer and adventurer. Though dreamers do just that – dream. But Chris broke through that barrier that everyone has and went on his journey of self-discovery. Dreams are what shapes America, yet there are many who view them as crazy and moronic for accomplishing what they believe. Chris McCandless represents the dreamer in all and how his life story sets a guideline of how to achieve those dreams. It allows us to learn about our true self in the same way Chris learned about himself. Many people can relate Chris because they have dreams they are too afraid to pursue. For the most part, human beings are content living a comfortable life rather than risking comfort and stability to pursue dreams that can seem like a challenge and require the will to attain. Chris was one of those people who did give up his comforts in order to pursue his dreams, and many people admire him for that. Those that say that Chris didn’t achieve his dreams seem to forget that he…show more content…
And it is in human nature to mess up and make mistakes. But unlike most, for Chris, his mistake cost him his life in a very painful way. It may not have been that he was a naïve kid who tried to mess with Mother Nature. He was someone who had lived in a California ocean side cave for months and survived. Chris – or Alex – had gone through a two year journey of survival and self-finding. The people that judge Chris, calling him a fool who didn’t know anything, hasn’t gone on his journey. They haven’t lived in the Alaskan Wild the same way Chris had lived. He was a transitioning transcendentalist on a mission to become like his hero’s that he read about. Yet the problem was that life isn’t the same as his hero’s and couldn’t be the same either. But still Chris did the best that he could do with so little of what he had. It might have been the universe denying Chris the chance to go back to civilization and to go back to his family. Like Hannah Montana once sang, “Everybody makes mistakes... Everybody has those days...” and maybe it was Chris’

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