Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Character Analysis

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Chris McCandless, a drifter, a pioneer, a visionary, an imbecile, all of which are used to describe Chris from person to person. Some say he was brilliant and brave for what he did. Some say he was rash and stupid for what he did. I meet somewhere in the middle of those two opinions. He was something of an open minded, brave man, but also rash and inconsiderate. Although, I believe his travels were a part of him as a person, I do not believe in his terms on which he conducted those travels. His biggest reason for leaving was his parents. He was angry with them, but he never gave them the opportunity to earn his forgiveness. Chris never expressed his feelings to his parents. How could have they known what Chris was feeling, if Chris never let them in. To me, it was somewhat of an escape for Chris, instead of dealing with his problems. Secondly, his disregard for others was selfish. People forget it’s not always about oneself in this world. By doing that, they blind themselves to others and the pain they cause them because of something that individual did. I believe Chris was selfish in this way. Kiren, to be more specific, is a person that stuck by him, supported him, and knew his pain. She gave Chris so much but was left…show more content…
This to me is his downfall; we live in a day in age where society is virtually impossible to break from. The smallest things of society have now become the necessities to surviving. Chris felt as if things were more exciting when he had less social chains binding him to a degree of safety. Those social chains are what keep you alive in this new world. This I attest to his demise. Chris would see an idea and instead of studying the idea, then acting upon it; Chris would be rash to just not think about consequences and just do what he pleased. The wilderness is no place for a miss calculation like that. The wild has no sympathy as Chris found out

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