Review Of Chris Mccandless 'Into The Wild'

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Leave everything behind, all your personal belongings and just leave and live out on the road. Does this sound fun? To some it may sound horrible, why would anyone ever want to do that when you can just live comfortably at home. To others, it may sound like the best idea ever, Chris McCandless was one of the people who thought it was a great idea to go and live out in the road. He took it to an extreme and went out and lived in the Alaskan Wilderness, and now there is a story written about him, it is called “Into the Wild.” Into the Wild is a story about a man named Chris McCandless who ventures off into the wilderness of Alaska but before reaching his destination he stops by other towns and locations and lives in different parts of the country. He meets new people and they all have a liking to him and his “different’ ways. He lives his life on the road and finding different ways to survive and follows his dream of living in the Alaskan wilderness. Life on the road isn’t suited for everyone, a person may simply like being settled down, tired of it from past experience, or they may just be ill and can not live life on the road. Life on the road may not be just for everyone. A person may really want to…show more content…
Personally I have lived out “on the road” and at first it is exciting but after a while it just gets boring and tiring and you just want a place to stay. Especially if you are a child. Due to this event in my life I simply do not think that life on the road is for everyone because if it was for everyone a person may not feel tired of living in such a way. Another example may be found in the story “ The Glass Castle” eventually all the children get tired of moving around and tired of the way that they live. So eventually when they are old enough they save up to move to New York and live

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