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One of the most important technological developments to shape the Hittite Civilization as well as surrounding societies was the in-disposable tool know as iron which helped bring society from the Bronze to the Iron Age in history. At a time when weapons were used frequently and one country was always vying for control of another iron shaped and changed the civilizations. Those who had control of it dominated their societies. “Between they emerged 1400 and 1200 B.C.E., they emerged as a leading military power in the Middle East and contested Egypt’s ambitions to control Palestine and Syria.”1 Not only was a greatly sought for its military advantage but it was highly regarded for its commodity to the Hittites as well. The basic understanding…show more content…
“The Iron Age began because of the Hittites' important work with this metal.”8 Iron was a new form of metal to use in battle it appearance wasn’t the most pleasing to the eye but its results spoke for itself. Though iron was a common element it was never thought of for use in battle till Anatolia’s people put into use. Thanks to this technological development of the Hittite Empire grew strength. With, “[t]hese improvements made it possible to arm a large peasant infantry in order to challenge the military superiority of the chariot forces of the Late Bronze Age aristocracy, armed with bronze weapons.”9 Now inexperienced men could go into battle with less causalities and more chances of emerging victorious iron’s use as a weapon provided strong tool dominated in battle against bronze and other types of arsenal. Easily breaking other metal weapons. It was also by the Hittites something they could easily manufacture. “The development of iron metallurgy allowed many tools and weapons to be produced in this period.”10 Iron spurred on the domination and unifying of countries by various civilizations as it brought the possibility of dominion. Iron provided not only a useful trade the crafting of iron also was a beneficial job opportunity. The “Metal workers were highly valued in this society.”11 citizens of the Hittite could find a profitable venture in the smelting of iron. It was a vastly profitable

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