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What is meant by international security? International Security is the system which covers all states of the world and interdependent along the states and should be implemented by the approval of the states. When we speak of international security, it will come into mind that in order to keep peace in the world, states should agree with each other and should follow and implement what were agreed before. In case of globalism, international security demands more interdependence from states, I mean, by saying this, every violence inside the regional security will influence in international security. International Security is the system of international relations which based on respect for the states of the world for international law and universally…show more content…
Debugged work enshrined in the UN Charter mechanism of collective security is an integral part of international…show more content…
While periodically attempts to create a scheme of checks and balances to extend the peaceful respite between the wars (eg "Concert of Europe" after the end of the Napoleonic Wars), systematic and collective efforts to create a system of "international security", accounted for the period after the First World War (1914 1919). On the one hand, the term international security was used as a synonym for the traditional concept of the world, or the absence of war. On the other hand, this concept implies a broader political area, including reaching agreements, production principles, institutions and procedures that would facilitate the creation of conditions for the preservation of peace and opposed the formation of preconditions that could lead to war. But an integral part of the concept of international security remained the preparation of the national armed forces in the event of a malfunction of the political and legal

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