Role Of Media In Gambia

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Journalism is considered more important these days, it plays an important role as an informative bridge between governing bodies and general public, in absence of media general public cannot know about what kind of bills and acts are passed in the parliament, and what are their positive and negative effects in the society. If media person close their eyes the government officials will do what they want, so media plays a very important and impartial role between government activities and general public, so much so that it is said that the freedom of media is the guarantee of success for a government. Below mentioned are a few recent incidents in which media played a key role and established itself as the fourth pillar of democracy. For instance…show more content…
These developments are feared to have posed threats to the democratic way of thinking and new issues in regards to expanding role of the media have also come on the fore. The media has become quite unwieldy, making it difficult for the government to act as a watch dog against the indiscretions committed by it. This however has made it even more imperative than before for the governments to make sure that the media does not cross the Rubicon, with all it accompanying negative…show more content…
While it zealously tends to maintain and protect its freedom, it is not showing the sense of social responsibility that goes with the freedom of expression. The media, regrettably, like the political polarisation in the country, is also divided into anti-government, pro-government, and rightist groups with each entity trying to rub-in its own skewed and partisan views on national issues and even resorting to smear campaigns against their supposed rivals. Consequently, truth and social responsibility have become casualties of this rampant media culture. This culture can be seen on our national TV and Observer more often than not the later inappropriate programs forced our citizens alien themselves to foreign channels in Senegal. Unprofessional journalism especially in the judicial reporting parading innocent citizens on TV has contributed to many human rights violations and yet no media house has ever criticised those sad actions. The worst picture of the media despite the challenges in the operating environment during the former regime, no single journalist or media house from the electronic to print media or online newspapers have had edge closer to reporting the massive corruption , force disappearances, murders, arson of their own media houses, election malpractice among other pertinent issues. This, I must conclude basically had to do with serious deficiancies in professional

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