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Eliminating the Filipino subject When the heroes fought for our language, they expected us to protect and keep it for generations to come, however a youth activist group spokesperson Velasco (2014) said “by removing the Filipino subject it is a complete betrayal of our heroes who fought for our country”. What they don’t understand is that the Commission on higher education’s decision to remove the subject was not talking about removing the language but only the subject. Everyone who went through primary, elementary and high school have learned everything there is to know about the history, language and other Filipino related topics that are taught from primary to high school. Numerous college students had said that learning the basic subject even though they’re in college have been stressful since the subjects in college are intense and by decreasing it can make it easier for them to focus. They are not saying that the subject causes aggravation however, they think that they had enough of learning introductory subjects that only review the lessons that they already learned during elementary and high school. Some minor subjects are taught by expanding the meaning or the topic that is not as significant as the major subjects that they should learn during their…show more content…
First the adoption of the K-12 program for the basic learning of the Filipino subject is already being learned in high school when there was only 4 years what if they added 2 years, then they should have already covered everything there is to know the basics of the Filipino subject. Second is the decision of the Commission on Higher Education (2013) declared that the Filipino subject should be removed when a student is in college. They thought of a way to make the college student's life easier by removing the said subject since it is exceeding the limit of learning the Filipino

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