Tale Of Two Cities Reflection Essay

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Please submit your reflection here (at least one paragraph per question). What did you like/dislike about this unit? This unit had lots of positive and negative things in it. I liked getting to challenge myself by reading Tale Of Two Cities and having to carefully analyze certain characters. It was an interesting book that was enjoying to read. Third of all, it was fun getting to work with others and learning about certain aspects of the book that I didn’t understand. I wish we had a class were we would talk and debate about the book, because we weren’t always completely sure about some parts and characters. Finally, learning about important history in France and England in the 1700s was satisfying. What did you learn in this unit? I didn’t learn a ton of facts and ideas but I still learned some information about Europe and it’s past. I learned ways to analyze texts that could be seemingly difficult at first. I learned how to tie string and knots better on moving surfaces. I practiced getting up early, when I came to the room in the morning. My time reading the book showed a an interesting and good story that I hope I can remember when I get older. This book is a literature classic that was mysterious from the beginning and clear towards the end. I didn’t really learn how to make group projects, but I practiced it.…show more content…
I can apply my new knot tying skill in future assignments if I’m dealing with string or yarn. I will really analyze and focus on the complicating parts of the reading I will do. I will remember not to give up on it even with its difficult or confusing. I can use my new “getting up early” skills in the future when I’m in high school. For example: In the morning on a basis and hopefully not, coming in even earlier to work on school

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