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STUDY ON PROPULSION SYSTEM BY USING CONTROLLABLE PITCH PROPELLER Ismai Bin Aras 1 and Imran Bin Ghazali2 BMEE Student.Dept. MEET. Malaysian Institute of Marine Technology, Lumut,Perak,Malaysia, BMEE Student.Dept. MEET. Malaysian Institute of Marine Technology, Lumut,Perak,Malaysia, ABSTRACT Propulsion system in marine industry is one of the most important thing in ship when sailing. The system mechanism is to use to generate force or thrust to move a ship across the water. The marine industry has invented the efficient propulsion system by using the controllable pitch propeller. The invention of controllable pitch propeller is in the level where the aero controllable pitch propeller is based on…show more content…
Keywords: Propulsion, controllable pitch propeller, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic. 1.INTRODUCTION The controllable pitch propeller can be efficient for full range of rotation speed and any load condition since the controllable pitch will absorbing the maximum capability of producing a power of the engine. The ship need high propulsion system when the ship is fully loaded compare to the empty ship without any load. By changing the angle of the propeller blade to the certain angle that are in optimal pitch will increase the efficiency of the engine of the ship thus saving the fuel combustion. By using this controllable pitch propeller, the speed of the ship can accelerate much efficient way. Sometimes the ship need lots of force when the propeller is in the high angle, therefore by controlling the angle of the propeller to the lower angle would move the ship much faster from the…show more content…
This mechanism can work from both, the bridge and the engine room by using the hydraulic cylinder. In case the hydraulic system is fail, the blade can be locked in the certain position that are not effecting the ship manoeuvring.

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