Short Story: I Love My Mother

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I love my mom with everything in me, there is nothing I wouldn't do for this woman she gives me the strength, and the courage to keep going in life and never settle for anything less. My mom was married with twins my dad cheat on my mom and she left him, when my mom gave birth to me and my brother Eric he left her and started his own life, as I got older I would ask my mom question about him and she did reach out to him, he came in my life and then he would leave again, it really broke my heart because I didn't ask to come into this world, my mom shouldn't have to raise her kids by herself, as became a teenager he pop back up again I sat down with him and I wanted to know why? your leave my mom why you leave us? he explains he was young and he wasn't ready. The crazy part is I understand that, but you have to overcome that fear, he has a girlfriend they been together quite some time they have two…show more content…
We get to the house and it's beautiful 3-bed rooms and two baths, my mom fills out the information and told the landlord her living situation within the next day, all my mom had was $200 dollars to give him that's all she had. And he took it and said welcome to your new home and my mom was so overjoyed and happy because she was able to make sure that her child is safe and can come to a home, after that moment I knew that I was going to be ok, I knew in my heart that I can overcome anything, and I even forgave my dad for everything not for him but for myself, because that really take a wait off your shoulder. Having a relationship with your father is very important is reflect who you are, and what type of man you want to have in your life, and what type of women you want to become. For example me and have father have a connection and it’s stronger now, it’s a great feeling to have my parents with me, I know he is a phone call away but he still took step to improve his

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