International Political Economy Analysis

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How Indonesia is going to play its role in International Political Economy Arena? How the Country utilize its bargaining power? Every country in this world has its own needs and interests which have to be fulfilled in order to keep the sustainability of the country. International Political Economy is the arena where the countries all around the world compete each other in a positive and structured way in order to get their basic needs as a country to survive and furthermore to fulfilled their interests toward other countries. International Political Economy has several actors and one of them is state. States play important role in International Political Economy as the one who set the rules and regulations of the game and in the same time the…show more content…
G-20 was established as a forum of International Economic Corporation and Decision Making in the global economic order. G-20 consists of 20 developed and developing countries which come together to form the policies regarding the global economic activity. G-20 as an alliance has some important roles in the global economic order such as to help maintaining the stability of International Political Economy and generating economic development of developing countries. Indonesia is the only representative from the region of ASEAN as the member of G-20 which means Indonesia carries multi tasks as a member of G-20 which are delivering the aspiration to develop Indonesian Economic itself and in the same time Indonesia also needs to deliver the needs and aspiration of the region to develop the economic in the Southeast Asia region and other developing countries. The involvement of Indonesia in G-20 has put Indonesia in the position as main player of global economic. Indonesia can play some important role as a member of G-20 such…show more content…
Let us say the resources in Indonesia, it has been an attraction for Indonesia to lure many other states to be with Indonesia. It should have made Indonesia get the easement in developing its economic activity yet in fact we may see that Indonesia has not used that attraction maximally so it is still hard for Indonesia to develop its economy. Indonesia tends to easily agree to the powerful states when it comes to the bargaining activity where Indonesia only get less benefits compare to the other states while the resources in Indonesia is being exploited. There are several factors that make Indonesia easily agrees with the other states who bargain with Indonesia, but the most dominant factor is that Indonesia is too afraid to refuse or even to negotiate in the bargaining progress . That makes International World thinks that Indonesia is an “easy” country in term of

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