The Importance Of Death In Everyman

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Salvation happens to be an important and life-changing event for believers. Every man along with every woman will reach the end of his or her life. With death approaching humankind, there will be more questioning over one’s morality and the effect it will have on God’s decision on Judgment Day. Various dramatists create plays, known as morality plays, to help people understand the ethics behind certain situations and to help them determine right versus wrong. Everyman happens to be a morality play by an unknown author. This particular play regards a man, Everyman, who takes on a religious voyage after his confrontation with death. He gets assigned a mission that requires him to redeem himself by becoming a righteous man in the eyes of God. The reason for this task is for the sake of him enjoying everlasting life in heaven instead of suffering in hell or in purgatory. He is successful in…show more content…
This type of expedition is a pilgrimage because of it being his “recovery from sin to grace through the standard penitential procedures” (Harper & Mize). Everyman used this journey for an attempt at redemption as an alternative to immediate death, where the fiery pits of hell devour him. The writer of this particular play wanted people to realize that there is always a choice in the matter of whether he will find peace in heaven or grief in hell. Yet, one has to be willing to make the effort in becoming a holy person. This happens to be precisely what Everyman accomplishes. People usually spur into action based on their fear. The aforementioned is merely an abstract concept; nonetheless, people still have that ambition because of it. Everyman is afraid of facing God, the Book of Life, and eternal judgment. This trepidation leads him into agreeing to a pilgrimage, so he can perform additional virtuous deeds to outweigh the evil he has

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