The Effects Of Globalization In Russia

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Globalization is the process of world economic, political, cultural and religious integration and unification. Globalization has great advantages in the history of mankind; it plays an important role in protecting the environment, health care, international trade, social and cultural life of the peoples. Despite the fact that globalization has many positive aspects, also there are many opponents. The opponents of globalization are emerged because they see the problem not in globalization itself, but the problem is how and who controls this globalization, the interests of whom it protects, and fights against someone. Russia, which began in the last decade, progress towards to inclusion in the world economy, has to fully confront all forms of…show more content…
Many Western lenders refuse to finance projects in Russia, do not invest in formal economy, because of the high country risk. Russian economists do not paid attention to the process of globalization. This is due to historical and economic reasons. Intermingled Russia to globalization prevented many years of socialist orientation in Russia, environmental difficulties associated with the transition from a command economy to the market. Period of relative stability in the Russian economy before the financial crisis in August 17, 1998 has not been used for investment in the real economy. The analysis of the process of globalization shows that Russia should produce high quality goods for the domestic market first, then to the regional market, the Commonwealth of Independent States and then engage to the globalization. Globalization contributes to such factors as the increase in the volume - sales and profits, protect markets from competitors, increase profits and reduce costs on scientific research and development of new products for new markets. Nowadays, huge world companies have not reached the ideal model of globalization. However, the process of globalization continues, and Russian companies try to come as close as possible to the ideal model. The country participates with the most developed countries in space exploration. Russian culture continues to make a great and lasting contribution to the world civilization. Russian science retains considerable potential. However, according to degree of development of market principles of economic life, Russia in the early development of economic life. Many socio-economic problems of Russia are necessary to solve during to the movement to a market economy and democratic society. Also one of the unsolved problems that are remains a largely self-identification for

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