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The foundation of integrative motivation basically lies on an interest in the language being learnt and the culture of target language (Bialystock & Hakuta, 1994). Integrative motivation then also refers to the intention of learners to become part of the culture of target language. Most research done in this area investigates integrative motivation by having participants answer questions about their attitudes and interest in foreign languages learning and their desire to learn it. Instrumental motivation, on the other hand, is based on a more practical need to communicate in the second language, for example one wants to learn in order to gain something from it (Dörnyei, 2005). It can be said that, learners do better when awarded, but the extra effort may be stopped when the reward was removed. This indicates that eternal influences and incentives, as…show more content…
The changes as result of learning are seen differently among learners by reason of it is important to consider individual differences between learners to arrive at a better understanding of variation in both second and foreign language acquisition and learning (Bot, K., Lowie, W., & Vespoor, M., 2005). Those types of motivation are utmost likely to be similar to the description suggested by Ryan and Deci (2002). Thus, in short, in the general teaching and learning, integrative motivation is addressed to intrinsic motivation and instrumental motivation is addressed to extrinsic motivation (Harmer, 2007).Following the understanding in this review of integrative and instrumental, motivation is indeed essential. Either integrative or instrumental, those who do not have motivation are most probably having problems or difficulties with learning and in gaining knowledge of learning the classroom (Cook, 2000). Intrinsic and Extrinsic

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