Reflective Essay On Women's Building

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I arrived at the Women's Building on the edge of Main Campus at 11:35 A.M. on Friday the 16th. Due to renovations that are currently being undergone at Archbold Gymnasium, the Women's Building has temporarily become the central campus gym. When I walked in through one of the four sets of double doors near the street side of the building, I was greeted by a white, male student in a florescent green polo shirt. Within the hub where he was sitting, another worker, a middle-aged white woman in the same polo, was instructing him on how to correctly swipe SUID's into the system. After getting swiped in, I walked to the women's locker room, which is located toward the back of the building. On my way there, I passed a group of four African American, male students sitting in arm chairs within a lobby-type area. One of the students, who was wearing a burgundy Under Armour hoodie, was talking to another student in a blue t-shirt about a game that he had presumably played in recently, stating, "nah, you KNOW that ref was out to get me." Once I passed them, I had reached the entrance to the locker room. Despite its name, the locker "room" is not only made up of one room, but rather encompasses multiple bathrooms, locker areas, changing areas, and showers. At this point in time, I…show more content…
The gym attendant- the same one as described before- was talking to two white, male students who had just walked up to the desk. One of the men, dressed in black shorts and a t-shirt with Greek letters on it, said, "dude, I didn't know you worked here!" The gym attendant replied, "yeah, I've been working here since last semester. My shift is two hours and I get paid like 10 bucks an hour to sit here and do nothing." The second man who was standing said, "YEAAAH man, that's $20! You're making money and you get to look at ass!" After this, their conversation became

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