The Movie Glory: Fighting In The Civil War

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The movie Glory is based off the story about the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment told from the P.O.V of their commander Colonel Robert Shaw. This army was formed to be fought in the civil war. This army consists of African Americans whom were freed slaves, never were slaves and runaways. Every black fighting in this war wasn’t forced to join, they were strictly volunteers, this meaning that they decided to do this at their own will knowing the consequences. There were several battles that took place between the Union and the Confederacy during the war. The war that the African Americans took apart of is the Battle of Fort Wagner; this battle took place along the beaches of South Carolina. Who were some of the characters in this movie?…show more content…
As the time goes on Robert is observing what army he is creating realizing that some of these African Americans had potential and were strong in their own different way that could contribute to the team, he soons seems to become snobby and letting his authority over power and make him seem snobby. Later on that day he had rounded all of the African Americans to let them know about the Emancipation that the confederacy had sent out stating that slaves and the Colonel can serve consequences due to African Americans aren’t supposed to fight especially if they were runaways. The proclamation had stated that both the colonel and the African Americans can be lynched if they proceed with going to fight into war. The next day all of the African Americans and the colonel had showed up so they could proceed with the training so that they could fight on the

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