Informative Speech For Women

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Speech Good morning people of Yemen, Being a president of a country is an honorable and prestigious task for me to perform. I am aware that it brings the responsibility of my nation on my shoulders, but I promise you, my fellow people, that I will never let you down! Ever since my childhood, I have been observing and seeing many things happening around all of us but neither did I, nor anyone else do anything about it. Every leader comes with a very enthusiastic speech, promises many things and show us the color of glory and joy, but at the end of the day, the people get nothing. I believe that a leader should fulfill all his promises and not just leave their fellow citizens wondering that why he has been elected by them? I, Abdulrahman, as the future president of Yemen, assures all of you…show more content…
It is nothing which can harm the other gender as it is not violating their family norms. Empowering our women will not just bring a sense of acceptance in us but will also help us in raising the economy. No widow or her child will sleep empty stomach, as proper employment will be provided to them along with the training so that they can run their family smoothly even when there are no men to bring bread and butter to them. Women in Yemen face severe discrimination in law and practice. They cannot marry without the permission of their male guardian and do not have equal rights to divorce, inheritance, or child custody. Lack of legal protection has left them exposed to domestic and sexual violence. Now is the time to take a stand against it. Previously, no advances were made to pass a draft constitution that includes provisions guaranteeing equality and prohibiting discrimination based on gender, and a draft Child Rights Law that would criminalize child marriage, but now everything will be put in placement. Our women will lead the nation as proudly as our men have been doing it for
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