Inequality In The LGBT Community

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An issue all around the world is the inequality that was thrown on any LGBT human being’s plate. People make these humans feel like they don’t belong or that they don’t have the right to experience love. The truth is, everyone was created equally. We better start acting like it. Respect A rule we hear almost every day is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Yet, whenever no one’s watching, we tear people apart like vultures and the leftovers scattered around. Of course, when we see people getting involved, we have names for it, like pda. However, we don’t have names for them. Oh, but wait. When we see LGBT people, we have rude names that we taunt them with for their whole lives. We make these people feel like absolute trash, and it drives them to anxiety, depression, even suicide.…show more content…
Can you imagine being tormented because of who you are? Because you want to be happy? What did they do to deserve this? The same website also states that the bullying has a negative effect on their education. Nearly ⅓ of the LGBT students admit to skipping a class due to bullying. Going a little further, 3 in 10 students admit to missing an entire day of class due to the fact. This harassment is affecting their learning experience. So many people are like “Oh, everyone gets bullied.” Yeah, and they never, ever have good reasons to be bullied. So why on Earth is it ok to bully someone for being them? Nationwide studies show that LGBT students are twice as likely to commit suicide than straight students. Oftentimes, citing bullying as a

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