Personal Narrative: The Love Story Of Aradhana's Life

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‘Girls, please come soon. Aradhana is in critical state’ said my classmate anxiously Every one of us left our food in the middle and looked at her with shock. ‘Critical state?’ I asked her She breathed heavily and said ‘I assume she attempted suicide’ ‘What non-sense?’ I screamed ‘Where is she now?’ ‘At the open air theater. She is lying unconscious. Come on. Let us not waste time.’ We did not waste even single second then. All of us rushed there as fast as our legs could carry us. The scene at open air theater left everyone shocked. The girl in front of us was lying unresponsive and few tablets were scattered around her. My heart started to beat so fast. Everyone surrounded her and some of them sprinkled water on her face. ‘Aara, come…show more content…
Now we looked at her disgustingly. She is so concerned about getting into trouble rather than thinking about saving her life. But she is right. Aradhana did a horrible mistake of her life. ‘What kind of love problem?’ asked our Mam ‘Mam, her lover is getting married to another girl in few days.’ said the girl who informed us about Aradhana first. We all others got shocked. Our mam’s face turned pale and worried. Our HOD came out and his face showed tension. xiv Sujatha Kannan ‘She has to be admitted in hospital as soon as possible. I will make arrangements for that. Has her parents been informed?’ asked our HOD ‘Yes Sir.’ replied our Mam Our HOD turned towards us and said ‘Students, I am very disappointed with you all. You are her classmates and friends. You all let it happen. Had any one of you informed us or her parents about her weird actions may be this could have been avoided. Now we have to handle all kinds of headaches.’ said our HOD angrily. We all looked worried. Aradhana, why? You could have chosen some other option before attempting this extreme step. ‘You all now get back to your classes. We will take

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