Diversity In The Lgbt Community

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1. Diversity is a gift from God and the only similarity that all humanity shares. We are all created with many differences. Some of our differences are external others are internal. However man allows differences to cause division amongst people. Instead of celebrating diversity it is look at as flaws. The LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender) can identify with this division. This community is an at risk population because of their sexual orientation and their self-identity. This population suffers from hate crimes, unequal opportunities and are constantly judged and abandoned. They are persecuted because of whom they love and self -identity. One should freely live their life in peace and harmony. Sadly, many at risk population…show more content…
There are ten competencies a social worker must know. Number one is professionalism. A social worker must be professional in and out of their profession. There is a code of ethics that each certified social worker must adhere to at all times. Secondly, ethical principle must performed with clients. Thirdly, a social worker must be skilled at critical thinking. This allows the worker to think outside the box and not limit a client possibilities within one agency. Fourth, social workers must engaged in diversity. Working with the LGBT community is a great way of engaging with diversity. There is diversity within this community blacks, whites, male, females and all economically…show more content…
That is where lobby comes in as mentioned earlier. Policy is very important within social work. Policy gives instructions for the does and don’ts when helping a client. Number nine is respond to context that shapes. Lastly, number ten is Engage, assess, intervene, and evaluate with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. Number ten is most important because how we evaluate and asses’ clients help with future clients. This way one knows how successful an intervention can be for a certain population. Currently, there are multiple programs being used to serve this population. The community of LGBT is a national association. As state in this centers vision is to progress the LGBT community to be safety, equal rights and well-being. CenterLink. (1994). It gets better is another association for the LGBT community. This association primary focus is for youth. Their mission is to inspire the young people to feel secure in their own

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