A Short Story: Namjoon Is The Boss Of The Doll

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That was a lie. Namjoon may not be the Boss of the brothel, but he sure was close to the Boss, his words held the same amount of weight as a Boss and if Namjoon said to kill Yoon Sik, Yoon Sik would be six foot under. Namjoon wouldn’t even have to lift up a gun for that. Yoon Sik knew this, but he played dumb, he played as if he didn’t know any better and worse of all, despite Taehyung knowing all this, despite Taehyung’s in, Taehyung body moved towards Yoon Sik’s drug filled baggy with a small frown on his face. Namjoon was helping Taehyung, really was, but Namjoon wasn’t here to watch his rules being enforced and Namjoon might get mad once he knew the truth… but at the time being… Namjoon didn’t know. Maybe Taehyung should reveal the truth one day.…show more content…
One because Taehyung didn’t want to make things worse for Jimin and Two because Jimin clearly was against Taehyung’s counters, they were always weak and more cringy than anything. “Let’s go, Jimin,” Yoon Sik turned his head to Jimin with a dark expression, tugging Jimin forward, indicting to the pink haired boy to walk and start leading them into Jimin’s

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