Individualism In George Orwell's 1984

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“1984”by George Orwell takes place in Oceania, London. The whole city is controlled by the Party. The Party has three classes: one class is the Inner Party. This Party is the political class in Oceania (wiki). They use telescreens, that are two-way televisions used for propaganda surveillance pruposes (wiki). The second is the Outer Party which is the middle class who does all the actual work in the Party government and the four ministries (wiki). Lastly, the Proles are the working class of Oceania (wiki). In the book Winston Smith, the main character disliked Big Brother. He had to sneak to do things that he wanted to do. Winston met a woman who was part of the Outer Party and the two of them snuck about meeting each other in different places…show more content…
She does not want to be controlled by their government. Winston, himself, is also an individualist. He feels trapped in a world where he cannot express himself nor do anything on his own free-will without having the government control him. However, at the end of the boo, Winston stated, “he loved Big Brother”(Orwell, p.298). This shows that Winston is a collectivist because now he has won victory and is on the government’s side. Winston has been changed from an individualist to a collectivist by O’Brien. Parsons is an individualist because he is against Big Brother. One night when Parsons was asleep, he uttered, “down with Big Brother!”(Orwell, p.233). Afterwards, his daughter denounced him which got him arrested. When Parsons uttered this statement in his sleep, he insinuated that he wanted his freedom. Mr. Charrington, who seemed like an innocent person at first, turned out to be a collectivist and part of the Thought Pollice. Towards the end of the book, Mr. Charrington denouned Winston and Julia because they were sneaking around for their sexual encounters in Mr. Charrington’s room above his store. Their government does not tolerate such acts of what Julia and Winston does. Lastly, O’Brien, who is part of the Inner Party and the Brotherhood, is a collectivist. He is also part of the Thought Police. O’Brien tortures Winston in a cell to be on his side. During this torture, he reads Winston’s…show more content…
When Big Brother is watching us, we do not have the privacy we want. It is bad enough that the United States’s government has everyone being evesdropped on by the National Security Agency. They are listening in on our phone conversations. Oceania, on the other hand, has a government that controls them. Not only does their government control them, they have a curfew and they are arrested for wrong sayings. Oceania is a totalitarian type of place that I would not want to live in. America is not as bad because it is mostly a free enterprise country as long as the government does not control our every

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