Summary Of 1984 'And The Communist Manifesto'

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1984 and The Communist Manifesto 1984, written by George Orwell, chronicles the life of Winston Smith under the careful watch of Big Brother. Winston Smith is a middle aged, low party member. He is a diligent worker and obedient to the party, however he deeply resents the party. Smith, like the rest of the party members, resides in London, which is a city of Oceania. Book I of 1984 immediately begins with details of the constrictive government Winston now lives in, which is after the revolution. Winston describes the conditions of the Victory Mansions as “old flats, built in 1930 or thereabouts, and were falling to pieces. The plaster flaked constantly from ceilings and walls, the pipes burst in every hard frost, the roof leaked whenever…show more content…
Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is Strength.” Big Brother is always watching, whether it is through telescreens, spies, or the Thought Police. Winston is shown as a rebel against the revolution and government from the start by introducing the notebook he has bought. Winston’s diary holds immense significance, it is where he writes his opinion and hate for the government, and ultimately serves at the first step in his downfall. Book I also introduces an imperative character, O’Brien, in the Two Minutes Hate. The Two Minutes Hate occurs each day, where party members must show their utter hate and despise for Goldstein, who is the ultimate enemy of the party. However, during the Two Minutes Hate, Winston thinks he connects with O’Brien and senses that he shares the same hate towards Big Brother as himself. He believes that he has met O’Brien before, and told him that they will meet again “where there is no darkness.” Winston works for the Records Department, which is a branch of the Ministry of Truth. He is responsible for fixing Big Brother’s speeches so it looks like he predicts will happen in the future, even if he was wrong in the past. Winston rectifies the original figures by making them agree with later…show more content…
With strategic timing, Julia professes her love for Winston in a simple note saying, “I love you.” Winston is captivated by Julia’s mere presence and must slyly find a way to contact her. Winston and Julia tactically meet in conspicuous places to sleep together, talk about life, and share their common hatred for the party. Winston falls in love with Julia, he constantly finds himself wishing that they could be a normal married couple that do not have to hide themselves from the party. Winston purchases and old piece of coral from Mr. Charrington’s old antique shop that serves as a paperweight. The paperweight essentially becomes the symbol of Winston’s obsession with the pre revolutionary period and his absolute hate for the party. O’Brien finally makes contact with Winston, where he alludes to one of Winston’s vanished comrades, and invites him to his home. Winston believes O’Brien is part of the “Brotherhood,” a secret society against Big Brother run by Goldstein. Winston, with confidence that O’Brien is part of the brotherhood, brings Julia as well to O’Brien’s apartment. Here they confess their hatred for the party, and O’Brien confirms that he is against the party as well. O’Brien gives Winston the coveted manifesto written by Goldstein detailing the plans and ideals of the brotherhood. Meanwhile, Winston and Julia know they are

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