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The Giraffe Project is a small foundation. This foundation honors the risk takers who are largely unknown, people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good, all around the world. This Giraffe Project has been going on since 1990. This foundation takes place in Washington State. They have this project to honor those who are not self obsessed and know how to help others. There are several criteria one must meet to become a Giraffe. First, they must rock the boat, but they must do it to make things better, not just more exciting. Second, the activities much be ultimately healing, not divisive. Third, they must act out of caring. Next, they must be taking a significant risk either physical, financial, or social. Finally,…show more content…
He happened to meet four of the five criteria. First, He met they may well rock the boat, when he violated safety regulations. Next, he met Giraffes act out of caring. He met this when he saved people’s lives. Also, he met a Giraffe must be taking a significant risk. Jerry met this criteria when he went on dangerous rescue missions. Finally, Jerry Foster met the criteria Giraffes act above and beyond the call of duty. He met this criteria when he proved that he loved his job. Jerry Foster only met four out of the five criteria. However, I believe that Sister Beth Dadio deserves to win the Giraffe Award Project. First, Sister Beth rocked the boat, but she did it to make things better, not just more exciting. The shelter drew many complaints from area businessmen, which prompted the building’s owner to cancel the lease. Sister Beth then began taking food to the Centeral Park Mall. If someone had to change something to make life better for other people, common sense would tell us it’s to make life better, not more…show more content…
Also, Sister Beth Dadio was taking a significant risk, that just happened to be a social risk. The city father’s tried to prevent Sister Beth’s displays of feeding the poor. When someone goes up against the government, they’re making a social risk. In addition, I now know that Sister Beth Dadio deserves to win the Giraffe Award Project. Finally, Sister Beth acted above and beyond the call of duty. She and her colleagues once operated a daytime shelter where the indigent and homeless could find shelter and food. When someone does not even have to do something, that requires a lot of help, they are going above and beyond the call of duty. To sum it up, Sister Beth Dadio should be the winner of the Giraffe Award Project. She should win the project for several reasons. First, she rocked the boat. Next, she made sure the activities were ultimately healing, not divisive. Also, she acted out of caring. Furthermore, she made a significant risk. Finally,she acted above and beyond her job description . Sister Beth meant all five of the criteria it took to be selected to become a Giraffe. I would recommend the Giraffe Project committee to select Sister Beth Dadio to be this year’s

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