Soccer Vs Religion Essay

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Both religion and soccer have major impacts in the world. Religion is regularly seen as a guide of life depending on what people beliefs, while soccer is being viewed as a recreational hobby the people dwell on to past time. You would never imagine the phrases or picture that depict players like Neymar being almost as a messiah for the country of Brazil, or the phrase “hand of God” that is associated to Maradona’s hand as he scored with his hand, which is illegal to use your hand in the game especially in the final match of the world cup in 1986. But does the world favor sports like soccer to be at a higher level of worship compared to religion, and how they are similar or different between each other. Now let’s look at human society that we…show more content…
Like religion people from around the world, different races and color to gather around to hear the word of god. Soccer can also unite people from around the to share the passion of soccer. Recently in the summer an event called the World Cup was host in Brazil, this event only happens every four years similar to the Olympics. The location of the world cup becomes similar to the holy town of jeulsium, people stop everything they are doing to be able to travel to Brazil kings, queens, and world leaders have stopped war issues to experience this…show more content…
Like I said sports can and properly will cause a riot if certain variable are set. However the riot can’t compare to the quantity and intensity of warfare has occurred thanks to the believing in different religions. A normal soccer riot would properly cause chaos in the streets that includes vandalism, injuries between the supporters, and a minimal death toll. While religion has a history of causing wars and anarchy like in the multiple attempt of crusades to gain control over the holy land in jewlusium. Even today religion is causing mindless death like the thousands of people killed every year in the Israeli and Palestinian

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