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In the documentary “In Sickness and in Wealth” as a society we ask is inequality making us Americans sick? This documentary explains the lives of a CEO, a janitor, an unemployed mother who volunteers and a lab supervisor. Americans who are on top of the pyramid have more access to resources and opportunities, as those who are at the bottom who face stress and exposure to a hazardous lifestyle. The one main key I want to point out is people who are of lower class in society are exposed chronic stress problems having to deal with fewer opportunities and resources which cause death rates. On the other hand, in wealthier families there are privileged to have a tranquil lifestyle and are guaranteed to have a longer life expectancy. My reaction…show more content…
As known, through the early 4000 and 3000 B.C. they did not have healthcare benefits nor knowledge of health of some sort. From this early time humans could only cure their confidence rather than the actual disease where eventually it caused illness and then death. In the term “Domestic medication” and “Frontier medicine” which “these individuals hold primary responsibility for their own sickness and health by providing home-made medication like herbs and lotions because of not being able to afford makes life difficult” (pg.26:28). I compare how this relates as these lower income residents most don’t have healthcare access, so making home-made remedies to save money rather than going to the doctor and paying another bill that adds on, a bill which lower income might not be able to afford. For example, making home-made teas, lotions, cutting up aspirins and putting them in beverages for colds, or stomach aches, most of our elder generation like grandma and grandpa will make you drink tea instead of going to the doctor. This compares to Mary, who is in the thirty percent of the poverty line, who is jobless but luckily has some type of health benefit because of her disabled

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