Beowulf Epic Hero Essay

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Some heroes are awesome, but others are completely epic. These epic heroes possess god-like qualities that no mere mortal can even dream of having. Epic heroes are courageous as they battle malicious enemies. Many battles require the hero to go into the dark, disturbing lairs of the demons with no assistance except for the moral support from their comrades. These men of action typically travel long distances and encounter many obstacles along the way to defeating the evil being that is causing harm. Some characteristics of epic heroes vary, as not all cultures are the same. Epic heroes will also change as their culture changes. In Anglo-Saxon culture, epic heroes are very strong, well built men who have morals and good values. These men always…show more content…
He was well built, and stronger than any ordinary man. He performed physical feats that only gods could act out. He was highly ethical and had very strong morals. Beowulf never acted in vain and always did what was best not only for the Geats in his country, but also for the Danes in Herot as well. He was extremely loyal to his king and he also possessed the loyalty of his fellow comrades. He was a man of utmost respect and was famous for his previous victories. As an Anglo-Saxon, he believed that Fate was unavoidable and that God was his holy protector. In Beowulf, “Whichever one death fells must deem it a just judgement by God,” is stated, showing their…show more content…
Beowulf saved the Danes, not because he wanted their treasure, but because they needed saved from two horrible monsters, whereas America will only help if resolving the situation benefits the country’s financial interests. We fight wars just to obtain cheaper oil, gas, and other various imports. We fight wars that are not necessary when we have our own internal wars to fight. This country is not as perfect as some think it is. This country has its own dragon to slay, but lacks a Beowulf to slay it. What America needs is an epic hero. Unfortunately, the modern American version of an epic hero would not be as full of valor as Beowulf, nor as

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