Second Skin Documentary Summary

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Second Skin is a documentary that focuses on the effects of virtual worlds on individuals and society as a whole. Its main focus is on the virtual world; World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is no ordinary video game; it does not just involve one playing by their self. World of Warcraft is an online video game that is played simultaneously by many people; it is labeled a MMORG – massively multiplayer role playing game. There are over fifty million people who play a MMORG, showing just how isolated the individuals of society have become from one another. For this isolation I partly blame the media, as well as the individuals of society themselves. The media gives individuals the idea that it is better to isolate themselves from their community, and even their neighbors, by portraying a constant threat of danger from others. However, those individuals allow themselves to be manipulated in this manner, and continue to withdraw from the outside world.…show more content…
There was also coverage on various couples that met through virtual worlds. Dan’s story was the first to spark interest and surprise within me. Andy, Anthony, Chris, and Matt were the first gamers introduced, but at that point all that was known about them was that they were roommates who gamed together for hours. Dan was the first person in the documentary to comment on the sickness that one can develop from living their life through a virtual world. He made the disturbing comment that he would buy two liter bottles of soda to drink while he was playing the game, and not even move to go the bathroom; he would urinate in those same bottles. Dan saw the game as an opportunity for a better life, as many gamers do. Everyone starts at the same place in a virtual world, and everyone has the same opportunity for advancement; the same cannot be said for actual

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