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The documentary Fed Up is not your average documentary that’s all about scientific evidence and numbers. This film tells a different non-sugar coated story on sugar and its addiction and in our country. Fed up is a insightful, dramatic anecdotal story on a country that just likes whatever it consumes sweetened even if it’s supposed to be low-fat or healthy for it. We see the rise in all types of sickness. Diabetes is like a plague amongst America, as the numbers of diabetics go up so does the number of grams of sugar in our everyday products. We are not informed enough scratch that, I was not informed enough on how the food industry poisons us. Watching Fed up informed me on the politics behind the sugar industry that favors profits over human health in this film. The…show more content…
The government has their hand in food industry and they’ve made mistakes when they thought they were going they really created a chain effect. Like how we have the sudden burst of high fructose corn syrup production and consumption in the USA was all because the government passed a policy to not the deplete the sugar canes and beet industries so they impose higher prices. These big GOs are always looking for ways to cut down cost to increase profit which gave birth to lower corn-based syrup sweetener. The food industry promotes all the junk food. Everywhere we go we see the advertisement on the internet, TV, billboards that mainly target kids because let’s face it kids love anything that is sweet. Kids don’t know the consequences of consuming too much sweets till they’re growing up with diabetes and their mad at the world like it’s their fault they’re diabetic. You can really blame the people for having a sweet tooth we’ve been programmed to like everything sweet to the simplest of foods. It’s an addiction we can’t beat how you can stop when it stated we before you can

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