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1. The title of the video is “Free to Dance Episode 1: “What Do You Dance?” The main artists featured in the video are African Americans who opened for the West world unique African dance tradition: Edna Guy, Asadata Dafora, Bill T. Jones, Helen Tamires, Katherine Dunham, Hemsley Winfield. Besides, sufficient attention was paid for Ruth Saint Denis who was an inspiration for Edna Guy. The salient features of African dancing technique it is necessary to determine a special kind of sensibility that embodied in the rhythm, extensive freedom of their expressions during the dance, and dancing with the goal of bringing their roots to the stage. There are numerous of interesting features of African Americans’ dancing process. As a whole, the most visible one might be the representing their inherent and fundamental features of national culture. It is noticeable that while talking to African American, to understand his or her identity, there is no necessary to asking about his or her nationality or language; it is enough to ask what they dance. African Americans chose their everyday life as a subject matter for inspiration when they were dancing. They are as natural as it is possible…show more content…
To receive the story on the base of which Jones is going to create his dance performances, special for creating “Still / Here,” the choreographer is practicing asking people specific questions. To work with the profound, and philosophical themes while creating the performance, Jones used to work with people who are suffering from being seriously ill, with people who have already become familiar with the fear of death. For instance, Jones asks them about what they love, what they fear, and what they want. Jones also asks them to show what they feel by using single gesture. As a result, in “Still / Here” spectators can watch the movements that had come directly from people facing sickness and

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