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1968 is an important section as it shows Paul’s growth. In Darwin, 1967 and Intermezzo we see a naïve Paul, emotionally and physically, unaware of many things around him such as sex. However through 1968 Paul matures extremely fast, discovering new aspects of life which in turn change his personality and what he values. This causes him to change his place in the world, shifting roles. Additionally, his relationship with Rosie is reflective of his growth and maturity. In 1968 we are introduced to Rosie Zollo who plays an extremely important role in the development of Paul as a character. Paul has always been a student learning from Keller, taking his advice even when it is simple things. When Rosie first comes to Paul to help her piano playing…show more content…
The more their relationship developed the more mature and confident Paul got in his life. Paul was immature, still a boy, when he first meets Rosie: ”I disliked her … her voice seemed insistent, high-pitched like an insect.” Paul’s tone is immature and childish displaying little maturity. Goldsworthy uses the simile of the insect to shoe that Paul simply does not particularly care for Rosie at that moment. However it was the concert which opened up Paul’s eye to the world of lust, love and sex: “Her thighs pressed against suddenly against mine … I felt my pulse lurch and change tempo, accelerando.” He suddenly finds himself attracted to Rosie after rejecting it from months. Goldsworthy shows the reader that Paul has a strong connection between love and music by using the musical term ‘accelerando’. But at this time we see Paul maturing in a mature of minutes: “The mousy hair usually held in prim school plaints, looked suddenly thick and lush. Her nose – a bony wafer – was now almost dainty … feminine softness.” Here Goldsworthy gives two perspectives of Paul, immature and mature, contrasting each other. Before, when immature, he ignored these beauties of Rosie seeing them as them in simple ways, a nose or hair. Now Paul is drawn to and notices these aspects of Rosie which he had never considered before. The more his relationship with Rosie continues and

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