Japanese Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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There are many cultural differences between The United States and Japan, even in the simple structure of everyday life. These differences appear in the families constantly, in the way they speak to one another, the expectations that for each person in the family, and other simple traditions the family has. Families are important to both cultures but each has its own way of living. The way families talk to each other is a very important way to define characteristics about the family. The parents teach children that it is important to show their elders respect through honorific speech, which the children even use when talking to their parents when it is appropriate. Although, many modern teenagers in Japan have been slowly drifting into habits of using less honorific speech and more informal ways of speaking, instead of what the older generations would prefer to stick to. The Japanese teenagers are…show more content…
In families there are things that are expected from each member. Japanese and American families are very similar in the structure of their families. Families consist of a father, mother, and children, except in Japanese culture where the grandparents are also included. The father’s responsibilities are mainly to go to work and provide the family with money. The mother’s duties consist of: providing meals for the family, caring for the family, overseeing the children’s education, and managing funds. The children go to school and gain an education. This is the normal structure and responsibility of family members in both Japan and The United States, although, a few things are changing. Many women are seeking to further their education and even go on to have careers, but most in Japan, wait for their children to grow up before doing so. Many women in America wait to have their families after they have their education and carrier. As time goes on culture changes more and more, both in America and in

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