The Philosophical Dilemmas Of Blackfish And Aquariums

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I have always disliked the use of animals as entertainment which is why I found this particular question especially interesting. Using animals as entertainment can be broken into many different section: zoos, aquariums, dog fighting, circuses, and more. I chose to evaluate the philosophical dilemmas of aquariums and SeaWorld because I have seen the documentary Blackfish, I have been to SeaWorld, and I feel like marine life does not have enough support for their case. My initial reaction to the question is that aquariums are where animal cruelty and capitalism meet. Marine life deserves the same rights as pets, land mammals, and other animals. The only way I would support aquariums or SeaWorld is if they were non-profit or had the sole purpose of repopulating/protecting endangered species. My biggest problem with the way we have aquariums set up now is that they are run for profit and with minimal government regulation or intervention.…show more content…
I started with going directly to SeaWorld’s website and Adventure Aquarium's website to see how they wanted to be perceived and as expected they painted the pretty picture of a fun, family oriented destination. I then moved onto the BBC, British Broadcasting Company, which has an Ethics Page and on said page they provide a case for animal rights. They include reasons why animals have “similar levels of biological complexity” and how they are, like humans, “subjects-of-a-life”. This just means that both humans and animals have similar ways of living and therefore should have similar

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