Importance Of Video Games Essay

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Not many people know this, but playing video games are actually good for you(in most cases). I'm sure some of you are thinking how that is possible. For example, people always tell me to stop playing video games an to do my homework but the thing is, I could play video games and still learn about as much as I would doing my homework. You can get better at multitasking, you’ll meet new people and even your eyesight can get better, all by just playing video games. Today I’ll be talking about why video games are important, how they’ve benefited society and where it's all going. Playing video games can provide physical, social and mental benefits. Physical benefits of playing video games can include making players play more sports, improve…show more content…
Using simulation type games can offer students a more hands-on approach. Researchers compared the success of the use of simulation games in an educational setting to ordinary school using final-year medical students. Scientists measured pretest and posttest scores and discovered that there were no significant differences between them. This means that using simulation type games in school can be as effective is listening to lectures and using a textbook. However, student enjoyed the simulation games more than the normal school which is better because you should have fun at school. Video games are not always a distraction to people in different fields of work. For example, video game playing laparoscopic surgeons perform significantly better than no video game playing ones. Playing video games that have a similar atmosphere can lead to doctors reducing operation times, less patient injuries and fatalities. The military and other institutions have also used video games as training simulators to practice and perfect specific skills, like learning how to fly a plane and
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