The Walking Dead: Three Specific Elements Of Contemporary Culture

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Name: (_____write here) Date:_____ Professor: ____ Topic: Write an essay in which you argue that a particular zombie story (film, book, video game, etc.) reflects and/or comments on three specific elements of contemporary culture. For the purpose of this research I have chosen the currently running television series, “The Walking Dead”. The Walking dead is an American horror and drama television series. Series are created by Frank Darabont. The series are based on a comic book series under the same name. It is not just any book but, it’s a long running comic series and covers more than a hundred issues spanning for over a decade. The comic book series were written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. So, that was for the introduction. Now, coming towards the main theme of the show. Here I will be talking in context of the television series. I have watched all the seasons so far i.e five, and sixth one is currently on air. So the show is basically the struggle of survival during a zombie apocalypse, world is run over by zombies and a group of survivors strive hard for their survival throughout the series. The main lead role of sheriff’s deputy…show more content…
They were out of electricity, gas, water pipelines were out of order, no sewerage system and no technology. Now that sounds very crazy and to us to live in such world is pretty impossible and we can’t really think about doing it. Like Rick said: “I know this sounds insane. But this is an insane world.” Now that they were out of every thing and they still continued with their lives and with each others’. Such were the conditions they had to go through and still survive. They could not contact their loved ones, could not locate them or call them in need, use proper bathrooms or even have beds to sleep on. Even in such conditions they learned somehow to survive and get their way out of

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