Importance Of Traditional Market

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1.1 Introduction This chapter consists of the background of the research. It unfolds, starting from the issue to the aims and objectives, the scope of study, the research method and the significance of this research. 1.2 Background of Study As stated by Blakasuta Ed.2 2004, in the middle of this fast growing market industry, modern markets in the form of malls, supermarkets and even hypermarkets are born. Despite all that, a traditional market still has a strategic position. Even though in some places, a traditional market obviously will lose when battling with modern ones. Those traditional markets that are quiet indicate a dead or secluded one. However in some places, a traditional market shows that it is fully utilized, by its people,…show more content…
Based on the statement above, it is foreseen that traditional markets still have the potential to move forward. However lack of attention paid to it, will cause its degradation. In addition the competition between the modern markets namely supermarket and hypermarket have a huge contribution towards its lack of performance to the extent where the traditional markets have turned into a dead place. Traditional markets not only attract local residents, it also attracts tourists. Traditional markets have been around since before the era of the sultanate of Malacca. Due to high demand and on-going demands, a traditional market sustains till today. Thus this shows how important the role of a traditional market is. There is also a book written by Herman Melano entitled ‘Selamatkan pasar Tradisional’ (Save the Traditional Markets). The book stated that, a traditional market still have to work its way up due to the increase of the modern…show more content…
Display is some kind of a social contract. In traditional markets, the interactions are between human and human, instead of human and products alone. It is the interaction between the seller and the buyer which involves human senses, human interaction which leads to a spiritual and humanistic market. It is obvious that in a traditional market, the environment is very lively, with the hustle and bustle, people chit-chatting, sellers raising their voices trying to attract customers and so on and so forth. This is the beauty of a traditional market. Therefore since the culture differs to the culture in the modern markets, thus this leads to a different approach in displaying products for a traditional market. This is the beauty of a traditional

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