Importance Of Teaching Shakespeare

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Shakespeare should be taught in school because Shakespeare has an impact on our everyday lives, it prepares us for life, and it improves cognitive functioning. Reading, speaking, and writing are three very important things we do on a daily basis. Shakespeare contributes a huge role in how we use these three things today and how we will use them. Most high school students do not enjoy reading shakespeare, but what if I told you it should not be removed from the curriculum and should remain in high schools for as long as possible? Allow me to prove it. Shakespeare has an everyday impact on our lives. According to Kass Thornsbury he teaches us to be aware of our surroundings in the world and how we should pay attention to what is going on around…show more content…
Teaching shakespeare increases and enhances students vocabulary because most students are just used to common slang and common english used today. But when you incorporate shakespeare into the language then it challenges you to learn more meanings of it and different perspectives on the language, therefore enhancing the students vocabulary.Being able to understand shakespeare allows students to shape their own character. They begin to understand their own morals,values, and opinions of the world around them. In conclusion Brittany Coons says that “Shakespeare feeds the intellect, spirit, and imagination of both the student and the…show more content…
She also goes along to say how shakespeare has nothing to do with modern times. “Shakespeare is not only outdated in terms of language but it also doesn’t relate to modern times.” She is basically proving that shakespeare is a good study to acknowledge because it is confusing. We learn and study things so we aren't confused this is a challenge and will therefore enhance our vocab and language. She also talks about how “shakespeare has nothing to do with modern time.” which is also false because a good majority of the words we speak today come from shakespeare and the movies and media we watch and listen to are derived from

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