Prodigal Son Analysis

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Every family has problems. But it's those who have a family are truly blessed. For the one who makes mistakes and preserves a will to rebuild or reshape themselves deserve a second chance in their life. While these days, I have seen a lot of family members separated due to lack of understanding and faithlessness. Therefore, I've chosen three vital points that are necessary to fulfill by every individual's to have a healthy relationship with others, and these crucial components are such an ability to repent, to forgive, and to accept someone for who they are. First, it is essential to understand what one must do to repent their sins. In the story of “Prodigal Son,” it is shown that the younger son demands his share of the estate even before his father’s death. After few years of luxuries enjoyment, he drains all his money recklessly to have fun with the lavish items. Later, he had to suffer hardship once he reached the level where he found himself lacking money. Finally, there was a point in time where he repents of his sins being very harsh on his father. By analyzing what happened in the story, I have understood that one must know what impact their words and action leads to other peoples’ feelings. Our mistakes…show more content…
Moreover, from the story “Prodigal Son,” it portrays the positive influence of a warm heart person to be able to accept and forgive others, without reflecting on their wrongdoings. Lastly, at some point, these characteristics from our life, indicates who were are. We made mistakes and often that mistakes lead our life in a wrong path. As we are a human being, we should learn to forgive others, not for their benefit, but for ourselves, to be free from adverse energies that bind us. We need to be sure about what our actions impact on others. Sometimes, our acceptance can bring out the vast changes in someone's

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