Fate And Free Will In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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I believe that Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar as a way to talk about how he saw the human race, what they were capable of, and what he has seen or experienced. Although the way he has seen humans and the way he has shown his thoughts through this story, I believe that the story serves to be more of a lesson than some babble of the humans. Therefore, this story can relate to the present mistakes made by the world today and uses the themes in the story to further relate to it. The story talks about honor, life and death, and betrayal. We see that Shakespeare twists the words throughout the story and uses the themes like fate and free will to bend the characters decisions and affect the outcome of their life. Fate and free will…show more content…
In the story we see the theme of inflexibility and compromise at hand. We see them through most of the characters but are most notably seen through Julius, Brutus, and Antony. Brutus believes in his moralities and ideas that leave him vulnerable for deception. During the event of the assassination of Caesar, he cannot perceive the intentions Cassius and cannot justify the murderer of Julius. Julius on the other hand, is egotistic and self proclaimed about his power and quirkiness, that he cannot absorb what is happening around him or pay attention to the omens given to him. He prides himself and ultimately leads him to his demise. Antony is the most complex of them all. Through his speech to the Romans, he turned them over against Brutus and his group, but uses the funds of the will of Caesar to create an army against Brutus. Although he had gained the people's honor, we see that he will go to the extent of using people to get what he wants. He is the good guy, the smartest, but the question of his morality still remains unanswered in the story. I believe that through this theme, we see that the humans all commit errors, but on different levels and that all humans have different moralities, whether evil or benign. I for one believe that all of us can make mistakes and that we are not perfect and should be justified for our errors, but everyone has a line and if we cross it, then not even we can justify what we had done. I believe that the characters are a part of us as much as we are a part of theirs and that we are allowed to relate to them and enable to compare them to some of the key figures in our world. Shakespeare successfully explains the means of the characters actions and helps us understand and we see the inflexibility and compromise mix well in both the story and the representation of our

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