Product Placement In Advertising

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Nowadays, viewers may ignore commercials. They use to switch between channels, mute it, orleave the room until their show returns. However, advertisers have found many different ways to put their products into a TV show or a film, or in other words, product placement. The advertiser uses product placement technique to reduce the monotony of the viewers while they are watchingthe old traditional advertisements they produced in the past. Martin Lindstrom discusses the meaning of product placement and its advantages in his article; he did experiments to exhibit the advantages of the product placement. Lindsrom perceived that product placement could be a great strategy to advert products in a way that people could see the product advertisement…show more content…
To illustrate, advertisers of unethical companies that produce dangerous products such as guns, cigarettes, and alcohols exploit the opportunity ofshowing their products through films or TV shows; that could be considered as negative advertising. For example, the product placement used for the Corona beer in the “Fast & furious” movies Like when Vin Diesel said in one of the movies “pick any beer you want as long as it’s a Corona”. Using product placement for a dangerous product like corona beer could negatively affect consumers, especially teenagers. Moreover, an enormous number of viewers watch the TV every day as a usual habit, and advertisers should make in their consideration that young people like children and teenagers are watching these programs. The Federal Trade Commission (1999) explained that alcohol manufacturers spend most of their their media investment in unmeasured promotions like sponsorships and product placement. However, this great disbursement could be considered as a combination between the huge expenditures they paid and the negative advertising as they are showing alcohols for the TV viewers, which may include children and teenagers, who may be negatively
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