United Airlines Character Analysis

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I'm infinitely interested in certain things and completely disinterested in others, which includes anything mechanical; you'll find little middle ground with me. When I put my key into the ignition of my car, something happens to make it start that I don't have to understand. I love watching good TV programs, but I don't care how the picture gets into my TV. However, if you show me a customer service champion, I'm all over it. I'm completely curious about people who make a difference. This brings me to Captain Dennis J. Flanagan of United Airlines. Here's what happened that piqued my interest about this man of character. My wife and I were flying to Arizona to spend a week in Sedona. Our Denver-bound flight was to leave from Baltimore on United Airlines. About 30 minutes before our…show more content…
Here are three conclusions: 1. For years, United Airlines has gone through lots of well-documented challenges. Providing a bright spot amid the fray is a leader who demonstrates resilience, persistence, tenacity, a love of people, loyalty, and dedication. Where he got it isn't as important as that he has it. Character counts! 2. People follow examples rather than orders. Frequently, Denny preaches the word of customer service to other United associates. They listen to him because his actions mirror his words. He's consistent and authentic. He reaffirms what he says with what he does. 3. When faced with challenging times and circumstances, we have choices. We can focus on the good with a positive attitude or whine about the way things are and harbor resentment. You've probably heard it before and I'll say it again: Resentment is tantamount to drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. I know people at United who want the company to fail because of deep-seated animosity and their need to prove themselves right. At the risk of appearing simplistic, I say, "Find something else to do with your

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