Influences In Macbeth And Frankenstein

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Frankenstein and Macbeth are two well respected books of literary merit, Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, it is about a doctor who creates a creature in his lab and the story follows both of their lives though out time. Macbeth was written by possibly the most well respected writers of all time, William Shakespeare. This Play follows Macbeth who is a Thane and then becomes King, it follows his and his wife’s stories. In the two books of Frankenstein and Macbeth the influence of people, books, and plain society effect the main character in huge ways. Influence in both Frankenstein and Macbeth can shape or change the main characters or lead them to do drastic things. In Frankenstein there are many ways that the “creature” as Dr. Frankenstein…show more content…
Frankenstein become who he was because of many influences that came from society, these influences came from people, books and it was also effected by nature vs. nurture. The first part of influence comes from his interactions and lessons learned from a family in which the creature lives next to. Throughout early to mid-chapters the creature learns how not only interact with others in a normal societal way, but he learns more importantly how to communicate with others in a more effective way. This family includes Felix and Agatha who are the children of De Lacy, there is also a blind old man living in the residence. The story really begins to change when the creature thinks about revealing himself to the family expecting and hoping for acceptance and friendship. This however would not be the case, the day that the creature reveals himself to the family they instantly chase him off. This incident influences the creature to go into a deep rage and he vows to take out humanity, this effects the monsters view on humanity, he know believes he will not be accepted by anyone. The second interaction with people that influences the creature is the altercation he has with the doctor’s brother, William Frankenstein. When the creature realizes that this person is a relative of Victor he strangles him to death. The creature digs through the wallet of William and finds a picture of Caroline Frankenstein, which leads to the plot of the rest of the story. The monster is now influenced by love and romance. This influence gives cause for the creature to request Victor to make him a female creature. Victor however is also influenced, he sees the behavior of the creature and he decides that it would be some much worse for humanity if there were two creatures instead of one. He also thinks that she might not like the male creature and that

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