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Nowadays, a lot of companies is set up by the local community, or overseas investors. In order to long-term survival, the keys to surviving of this companies is practice transparency. So, what is transparency? Transparency means that is clear, unhindered honesty in the way that he or she does the business, they also will provide the campaign to public like staffing, financing, exposure, equipment, media contact and other contributions. I believe that, there are many companies in many countries have practice transparency no matter is Asia country or Western country. Transparency have brought some benefit to the company. But some of the companies are not practice transparency. The fictional companies that have practice transparency is Acme Corporation.…show more content…
Coyote as a running gag featuring strange products that fail or backfire catastrophically at the worst possible times. The name is also used as a generic title in many cartoon, films, TV series and comic strips. Acme Company is the company that which controls the production and sale of the fictional element “ tungite” that appears in the 1940 serial Mysterious Doctor Satan. The company name in the Road Runner cartoons is Ironic, since the word Acme is derived from Greek meaning the peak, prime, and products from the fictional Acme Corporation are both generic and failure-prone. Looney Tune cartoon also use the Acme product. Why Acme Corporation practice transparency? Acme Corporation practice transparency because can conducting the business. Transparency can increase the level of trust between the partnerships and also the customers. Transparency can help the company ability to attract and retain the partnership. Next, Acme corporation practice transparency is to build the good image. Acme product have use in a huge number of cartoon, comics, television and film like film Neighbors and film Grandma’s Boy. The use of product Acme can build the good image for them. If Acme Corporation have the good image, the audience can remember…show more content…
Seburo is a fictional small arms manufacturer. Seburo commonly found in many of the works of manga artist Masamune Shirow. Seburo is a fictional private company. Founded in October 2024. Seburo is the company that excelled in technology exploiting small caliber rounds packing the punch of much bigger caliber rounds. Seburo jumped into the forefront through reliable rapid fire and easily handle firearms. Why Seburo does not practice transparency? In my opinion, Seburo does not practice transparency is because Seburo is a type of private company. Seburo is not public traded, so they no need to do the transparency. Addition, Seburo is a company that of the firearm, if they practice the transparency maybe will violate of policy. Besides that, transparency is mean that need clear and unhidden on the business but it make them feel uncomfortable, when this situation happened they will think it is the burden to them and feel not safety if they practice transparency, because all the decision making, equipment, financing and other is transparent to the public. They will feel burden because all the regulators should think twice, and be extremely careful about the details, before mandating or regulating transparency in standard setting context. In order to, Seburo is a company of firearms, so all the information must private if not riot might be happened. All the deal or transaction is private and confidential.

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