First Community Financial: The Importance Of Teamwork And Communication

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First Community Financial - The importance of teamwork and communication With scandals of financial fraud which led to the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, company CEOs are being held at a substantially higher level of accountability when it comes to their company’s financials. First Community Financial is led by president and CEO, Jim Adamany. Under his leadership, First Community Financial is a leader in the financial markets, dealing primarily with asset-based lending and factoring both of which are considered to be high-risk investments. Mr. Adamany recognizes the people within his organization need to be strong, educated and on top of their game in order to stay as leaders. His weapon is an educated staff and teamwork. It is imperative he have a high-performance team…show more content…
Their overall goal is to develop a team that is best in class and superior to their competitors. By industry standards, they have one of the youngest management teams and reward them with growth opportunities. By creating a team that is educated, ambitious and knowledgeable First Community Financial is being proactive in building a team that is knowledgeable and can continue to be a leader in the financial industry. Their team will have the experience and historical knowledge of company and industry best practices. The formal teams at First Community Financial include the sales staff, credit administrators and business development. Each team’s role is clearly defined to serve a specific purpose within the organization, while working together to minimize financial risks the company on a whole takes with new clients. CEO, Jim Adamany, encourages open communication and transparency among teams to discuss their clients. His transparency And encourages a centralized communication network. Jim values the opinions of his teams. They do not work in

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