Rice Harvesting System In The Philippines

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Dela Cruz (2014) identified that rice farmers in the Philippines have adopted four harvesting systems such as: manual cutting and manual threshing, manual cutting and mechanical threshing, mechanized cutting followed by mechanical threshing and combine harvesting. In manual operations, it requires labor-intensive that is applicable to small scale area. On the other hand, for the farmers who acquired mechanical equipments, they harvest the rice using mechanical threshes. Furthermore, Malanon and Dela Cruz (as cited in Operations Handbook : Direct Seeded and Transplanted Rice Production, (2014) that about 25% of the rice farmers in the Philippines have bought their own mechanical threshers and about 93% of the rice farms have been using this.…show more content…
Bounded by the Western Philippine Sea on the west, the Province of Ilocos Norte in the north, La Union in the south and the province of Abra, Mountain Province and Benguet in the east. Its topography is relatively uneven being a narrow strip of land between the sea and the Cordillera Mountains traversed by several major and minor rivers from the upland areas down to the lowland and coastal areas (DRRRM:Province of Ilocos Sur,…show more content…
Rice Pedia added that the Ilocos Region is ranked fourth as one of the major rice-producing parts of the country with a total of 9.8%. Nevertheless, the Province of Ilocos Sur is not being spared by problems in terms of soil nutrients and pest control. With this government officials, particularly the Department of Agriculture in the Province of Ilocos Sur is encouraging farmers to use organic fertilizers and pesticides. However, the shifting from this method in the part of some of Ilocano farmers is not easy since they are relying on broad- spectrum of synthetic fertilizer and pesticides ever since. Others are hesitant for the reason that chemicals are easily and efficiently applied. This practice makes soil, rocky and sometimes change the Hydrogen concentration. Aside from that, many problems regarding pest management are also identified. During pest and weed infestation, farmers prefer to use synthetic pesticides. The residues of these chemicals in crops that are sold in the market may affect the health of the consumers (European Food Safety Authority,

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