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Entrepreneurship Steve Jobs Introduction: An entrepreneur is not just anyone that runs a business. Being an entrepreneur is someone that started his or her own new business from scratch. There are a few difficulties when it comes to building a new business. The fist one is funding, when someone starts a new business a large amount of money is needed to get the business, which quite a few people might have difficulties getting their hands on. Another difficulty is getting people to help you build that business because it is difficult to build a business with no help at all. There are hundreds of well-known entrepreneurs that started with not much and turned it into international corporations that are worth billions. Among many entrepreneurs…show more content…
The Apple-II generated a lot of money and was very popular but after a while other companies had started producing the same and different varieties of personal computers, which meant apple wasn’t benefiting as much as it could. Jobs then introduced Macintosh which was an amazing advance when it came to computers but was too expensive for the consumer market so then tried to sell it as a business computer but that did not world as well as he hoped. This ended up with him being kicked of the board of directors meaning he no longer had any power. He then went on to creating the first ever computer animated feature film, which was released by Pixar. This movie is a movie known world wide it is Toy Story. After producing this movie Steve Jobs had gone famous. Steve jobs then got reassigned as board director of apple and turned the whole company around in an amazing way…show more content…
Steve Jobs was doing very well on the business side and his family side of life but something happened that not many people were expecting. A Steve job was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. The pancreas is and organ located behind the stomach and is vital for the digestion for food. The reason why it is vital is because it releases enzymes that help the food in you intestines dissolve and able to be absorbed into the body. Pancreatic cancer is treatable through either surgery or chemotherapy. If Steve Jobs would have agreed to have the operations when the cancer was found he would have had a higher chance of living. Steve jobs decided not to have all of the surgery’s and Chemotherapy that most of his friends and family wanted him to do he decided to go anther way. Steve Jobs decided to use a more natural and less body endangering treatment-using acupuncture, drinking special Fruit and Vegetable juices, visiting specialists and priests of different religions. He also followed and tried some techniques that he found online and anywhere he

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